Payroll Services Specialist - LAC

Role Description:

- The purpose of this role is to support regional payroll operations in countries with in-house and outsourced payroll within LAC region. This role acts in accordance to policies and legal regulations described in defined documents and applied local as well as globally.

- 1. Support team growth and development of regional Payrolls in LAC.

- 2. Support development of newly created outsourced organization within LAC.

- 3. Support local Payroll SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and other stakeholders on payroll related tasks within LAC and their daily payroll operation work.

- 4. Support and control local Payroll SMEs in Global Payroll organization.

- 5. Regularly reviews operational tasks, assumptions and recommendations.

- 6. Support to define, set and monitor quality standards for payroll operations for countries with in-house and outsourced payroll, supporting them to reach the KPIs.

- 7. Cooperates on migration delivery and documentation.